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I have an idea in my head of a Utopia.

My Utopia simply put, goes off the premise that its citizenry understand that they shouldn't force their views onto others. This is a very deep rooted belief for me, so it permeates much of my thoughts, so bear with me on that. :P But, it's a world where it is almost taboo for one to tell another what to do, without giving them choice about it. Where people don't try to enforce the ideas and views of a small group, upon the rest, particularly within the Political realm and Governmental law. I see it as a place where the Government is strictly secular and allows freedom of religion, but is not influenced at all by religious beliefs or values. It is a place where power is seen as a personal subject. And a place where people tend to support the entire ideal of Humanity rather than one individual religion.

Government-wise, it would be a One World Government. However, it would be a highly regulated Government. There would be a committee that its sole purpose is to find individuals of a certain profile and would select them to be the lawmakers. No one would know who is a Law maker, their identities are secret, but everyone knows what is being discussed in Law. Being a lawmaker in itself would be seen as a humble occupation. They serve the people, and exist purely for their benefit. They are liable to be removed at any time should one be compromised or corrupt. Or if they don't fit the profile anymore.

From an economic standpoint, there would be a single currency. There are infinite amount of this currency, however, pricing and wages are determined between a company and the Government. Companies cannot hold money. They get their own salary from the Government itself to cover it's costs. It does not collect revenue from sales, however it must make the sales in order to get paid by the Government. They can, however, generate wealth for their employee's. Due to the Government being able to analyse all pricing and wages, inflation will never occur, and people will always have enough money to cover the cost of living and make other products affordable. Producing the product, and making the sales, however, is the responsibility of the company. Money would be credit based, and tied to each individual. No one could transfer money to another person, although they could purchase or help purchase goods and services for them. Money is now traceable and corruption and illegal activity can be easily found. All your money would be tied to you and only you can use it. You would use, say, your fingerprint and a PIN to access your account. Computers may even start shipping with a personal fingerprint scanner for online shopping.

That's all I have for it for now. I'll add more as I develop it, but what are your ideas to this Utopia? Is it fundamentally flawed? Could it work?
Some of my other ideas and essays lead up to this. My own ideal Utopia. It might not ever exist as a true Utopia, but I feel we could get significantly closer to one than we are now :3
LionSchool Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Professional
Well who the eff is going to regulate... the uber top echelon? Nobody.... and that kind of ultimate power would be hugely corrupting.

But like... if you're talking about theoretically.. like if they theoretically it was certain they had the best intentions then yeah that could be an interesting utopia!
ToAnSt Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
This is heavily theoretical. If this were to ever work in reality, it would require a huge shift in how society views power and positions of power. In this utopia, being in these positions would be seen as a duty to the people. Almost like a community service.

I do recognize the problem that corruption could work its way down from the top. And once its in, it would be quite difficult to eliminate. So this exact system might only work for so long before something breaks down.
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November 30, 2012
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